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Q: What is my IP Address?
A: The IP address that you're currently presenting is:
Q: Why am I no longer able to access the Verizon Speedtest?
A: In an effort to improve the performance of this speedtest site for our customers, Access to the Verizon speedtest has been restricted to the Verizon Online customer accounts. You will not be able to access the Verizon speedtest when you're not on your Verizon Online account for instance; when connecting from AOL, from work, or a friend's home, or any place other than your Verizon access point.

If you are on your Verizon Online account and still can not access the Verizon speedtest, please send an email with the first two numbers of your IP address. If your IP address is then all you need to send is "138.89"

Q: Why does this Verizon speedtest say I'm getting such high speeds?
A: If you're getting abnormaly high throughput results from Verizon's speedtest tool, it's likely that your ISP caches pages which are often requested. The original pages as sent from this server ( have directives which tell this server as well as your browser NOT to cache the page. Though, most caching proxy servers ignore these directives by design.
Q: How does the Verizon Online Speedtest work?
A: As the speedtest page loads into your browser, it marks the time then immediately starts to download some embedded compressed text. Once the text has finished downloading, the time is marked again.

Now that data size and download time are known, calculating the download speed is matter of simple math.

Q: How accurate is this test?
A: This tool measures time in milliseconds and file size in Kbytes. Line speed is rounded to the nearest 100th of a second. The margin of error is five thousandths of a second or .2 bytes/sec
Q: My computer is a (Mac, PC, Linux, other) will this test work for me?
A: Yes. The techniques used to build these pages are not operating system specific. However, the speedtest tool should work for every browser that can support simple javascript and some tables.
Q: Where can I get more help with my Verizon DSL or Dialup service?
A: A wealth of information and help can be found at the customer support site at or the business support site at
Q: Why do the results gathered here at Verizon Speedtest vary from results found elsewhere?
A: To better understand why different speedtest sites yield varying results, consider the following:
  • Different web sites are likely to have different IP routes. These different routes will have different performance capabilities as well as different loads which will contribute to the observed latency.
  • Different philosophies governing the evaluation of measurement and evaluation of throughput.

    EXAMPLE: Some sites may evaluate a 'kilobit' of throughput as 1024bits/sec. Though, here, a kilobit of throughput is equal to 1000bits/sec.

    When storing data, we are forced to use 1024 in place of 1000 when using the reference 'kilo' because 1000 is not a natural progression of binary multiplication. 8bits,16,32...256,512,1024,2048, etc. When transmitting data however, we are not subject to this limitation.
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Throughput speeds (the speed you experience when you download or upload files) will be lower than connection speed. The actual speed of your service will depend on a number of factors like the condition of your phone line and the wiring inside your location, Internet or network congestion, and the speed of websites you connect to on the Internet, among others. Actual connection and throughput speeds and uninterrupted use of the service are not guaranteed. The results you obtain do not constitute a representation or warranty that your Verizon Online Internet access service operates at the speeds indicated in the speed test results.


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