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Verizon Broadband Toolbar Features

The Verizon Broadband Toolbar provides many options to help you surf smarter along with convenient shortcuts to get you to key online destinations faster. Here’s an overview of the toolbar features, what they are, and how they work.

Verizon Broadband Menu

[Image of the Verizon Broadband Menu]

One-click access to top Verizon Online sites and features.

Click “Verizon Broadband” to access a handy menu of Verizon Online sites including:

Home, Verizon Central, E-Mail & More, Help & Support, My Account, My Web Space, Music, Games & Video, Latest Internet Products, Resource Center, and More From Verizon.

Then just click on the link you want to get there.

Search Engine

Conveniently search the Web, images, news, multimedia, stocks, help, and more.

[Image of Web Search]

Use the search box from wherever you are on the Web. To narrow your search to one of the more specific categories available (such as images or news), click the black arrow next to “Web Search,” then select your category of choice.

The search box will also remember previous search terms you typed in as well as search terms that you may have entered into other popular engines such as Yahoo, Google, AskJeeves, etc. Use the blue drop-down arrow to select from a list of your previously entered search terms.

Keyword Highlighter Tool

Highlight search terms on a Web page with one click.

[Image of Keyword Highlighter]

Type a word or phrase into the search box and click the highlighter button. Every instance of your word or phrase will appear highlighted in yellow, allowing you to easily scan and find it on the current page.

E-Mail Menu

Access your Verizon Online e-mail account.

[Image of E-Mail Menu]

The E-Mail menu provides an at-a-glance summary of how many unread messages are in your Verizon Online inbox. It also gives you easy access to begin composing a new e-mail or to update your e-mail account settings.

Top Picks

Find the latest broadband features, tools, and specials.

[Image of Top Picks Menu]

Get updates on new services and features such as remote PC access, home networking, and digital music. Top Picks also provides easy access into the latest special offers and Verizon Online exclusives (available to members only).

Web Space Menu

Keep tabs on your Verizon Online Web Space account.

[Image of Web Space Menu]

Your Verizon Online account comes with free Personal Web Space. Use this menu to take advantage of your space and to access helpful Web site management tools, such as Site Builder and the Web Space Monitor.

Verizon Online also offers online storage options through “My Storage Place” to help you back-up and/or store large files for sharing. You can get to this feature easily to either manage an existing account or create a new one by selecting it from this menu.

Help Menu

One-click access to key Verizon Online Help topics and tools.

[Image of Help Menu]

The Help menu provides a list of popular Verizon Online support tools including: Change Password, Set Up Sub-Accounts, and Top Help Questions.

Pop-Up Blocker

Block annoying pop-up ads and windows.

[Image of Pop-up Blocker]

This feature stops pop-up ads and windows before they reach your screen. Click the pop-up blocker button to enable it. (When the pop-up blocker is enabled, the word “On” appears next to its icon). To disable it, click the pop-up blocker button again. (When the pop-up blocker is disabled, the word “Off” appears next to its icon).

Ready to start using the Verizon Broadband Toolbar?



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